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Responsive Design or Mobile-Friendly Site

Which Is Right for Your Small Business?
Responsive design means that the content of your website adjusts. It will show the same whether your visitor is on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.  When your website visitors are not able to see your content on the device they are using, many of them will conclude that your site is NOT working.

If this happens, potential customers leave your site and go to your competitors. If it’s your top competitor, who has a responsive design site, you have just lost a customer.

You want your site to show up on all devices and look the same.  But that’s not all you need to know.

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Does Responsive Design and Mobile-Friendly Mean the Same Thing?


Many clients ask for a mobile-friendly site not knowing they are actually asking for two sites; one that is designed for desktops and another that is designed for mobile devices. In the end, they pay to have two sites created. (Ouch!)

A responsive site eliminates the need for a second or mobile-friendly site. Responsive design sites are mobile friendly!responsive design

Consumers are using smartphones and mobile devices more than ever. That trend is predicted to continue to grow. Smartphones and tablets have not only changed the approach toward the way sites are designed but how the user experiences your site.

It is well known now that mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales. Around 2012 or so, it was predicted that mobile Internet usage would overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. It’s 2017 and that reality is here. Almost 70% of internet shoppers, use the internet to buy products and services.

Businesses that don’t have responsive website design are positioning themselves out of the market.


5 Benefits of Responsive Design Web Pages
1. It’s more flexible
Like liquid, responsive design sites are fluid. The content moves in a smooth manner across all screen resolutions and all devices.  This is accomplished by letting content fill an allotted space while retaining its appearance including words, images videos, etc.
2. Provides Great User Experience
Responsive design websites are about giving the user the best experience whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a smart TV.  This type of design provides the same experience for the busy professional who’s wide awake during the day or the night-owl college student who needs access to your site anytime. There is no need for scrolling or resizing for any visitor to your website using their favorite device.
3. Cost Effective
A single site optimized for all devices is better that having two separate websites. One website costs less than two, and the savings are significant. Responsive web design enhances search engine optimization (SEO) effort by having all your visitors directed to a single site instead to two different sites.
4. Google Recommends It
Google has referred to responsive web design as the industry best practice. With 67% of search market share, when they speak, smart businesses listen.

And Finally…

5.  Easy to manage
If you have a separate desktop site and another site for mobile users, it means more time, money and work for your business. Managing only one site is far easier than managing two sites that are suppose to accomplish the same thing.
In the end, it’s up to you whether it’s the wise decision or not to have a responsive design website.

Unsure of whether or not your website is responsive?

Try our free responsive website service. We will test your site and give you a short report of our findings.


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