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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Straight-to-the-point with no boring text.


1) I do NOT work without a deposit. Please don’t insist.

2) I do NOT work for equity. In other words, I do not build or redesign websites in return or equity in your business. I sincerely want you to succeed, but what I do is design and online marketing. If, however, there is a Joint Venture (JV) that I might deem feasible, I will consider it. Should I agree to the  JV, I will draw up the necessary agreement which must be signed by all parties involved. A JV is separate and apart from web design work and JV’s are considered under a separate agreement.

3) I don’t take equity for payment but I certainly barter. If you have a service or product that you think might interest me, let me hear about it.

4) If your payment is made by check, please count on 2 – 3 days for it to be delivered and 2 – 3 business days for it to clear. I do not start any work or deliver final files until the check has cleared.

5) All work belongs to you, once you have paid for it.

6) I do not make copies of websites. If you wish to copy someone else’s website I am not the right designer for you.

7) I work with a contract. No exceptions. If you wish to work without a contract, I am not the designer for you.

(Important note: where you may find a couple of duplicated designs in my portfolio, these belong to the same company where they required the same layout with a different color scheme).

7) Your website is considered to be ready if we are just waiting on your content to go live. I am patient though. It’s ok if we have to wait a week or so, but if the project is put on hold because you are waiting on your copywriter or photographer or any other concerned party to come back from vacations, I consider the project finished and therefore will send you the final bill which is due at that time.


1) Before performing any maintenance to your website I also do a backup in case we need to recover the previous version.

2) Maintenance can be paid after the project is done and it’s billed by the hour, or at the end of the month for select clients.


1) Domain names registered belong to you, even though they may be registered by me. You own your domain name at all times and you are free to do whatever you want with it.

2) When applicable, the same applies to hosting accounts, although usage limits apply.

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