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When we came to Kamau about designing our website, all we had was one-page consisting of our menu items. He took that and added pages of our different menu categories along with pricing. He added the images we gave him and the colors we requested and strategically placed them throughout the site. That made the whole site standout and gave us our own unique look. We now have a site that’s professional looking, items are easy to find and we are proud of it. He did a fantastic job for us. Thanks Kamau! 

Nicole Scartelli-Evans

Manager, Dominic's Pizza

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I will give you a call within the next 24-48 hours.The call will only last for
approximately 15 minutes.

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  1. To introduce ourselves to each other
  2. Discover what it is you’re looking for
  3. Determine if you are a good fit for my services



This is our procedure when you qualify

We will create a series of planned and expected meetings where we’re going to discuss your project in detail. I don’t like to play phone tag. I don’t like to chase you and I bet you don’t like to chase people either. I like to create a series of events/meeting that we can both count on and that wastes as little time as possible.

In this way, everyone makes best use of each others time and everything that we do together will be planned and expected where we can count on each showing up for these meetings. The meeting can be conducted by phone or by Zoom.

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